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Innovation meets Service Excellence

At Expat Mortgages UK, we provide mortgage expertise to Expats & Overseas Investors looking to buy property in the UK. Our experienced Expat Mortgage Broker Team specialises in helping Expats and Foreign Investors to find the best mortgage deal to suit their exact circumstances and requirements.

Specialist Expat mortgage expertise

Getting a mortgage as an expat and overseas investor can be much more difficult than applying for a standard mortgage and a large number of high street banks simply either do not offer expat mortgages or else they have very strict lending criteria that must be met. However, our team of expat experts have access to the whole mortgage market to find the deals with a number of specialist lenders that our customers need.

With expat mortgages, traditional lenders usually deem receiving salary payments in foreign currency or a lack of UK credit history to be too high a risk to take on, which is why a specialist expat mortgage broker is typically required to source suitable lenders who will accept such circumstances and willing to lend to these clients.

Access to deals that meet your requirements

We provide mortgage services to both UK and overseas property investors looking to buy property in the UK and we can help even when other lenders have declined applicants. Expats Mortgages UK has a network of expat mortgage lenders which we have built relationships up with over many years, providing our customers with exclusive deals. We broker mortgages for property investors from around the world who are looking to leverage the advantages of the property market in the UK. We also help expats to buy residential property to live in the UK themselves.

Industry leading customer service

Every member of our expat mortgage team is accredited to the highest level and has significant experience working in this specialism. Mortgages can be a complex topic and expat mortgages are generally even more complicated than standard mortgages. You will often be working across different time zones, requiring an in-depth understanding of the different tax requirements and cross-jurisdictional legal responsibilities.

With our knowledge of this niche area of the mortgage market, we find the most suitable expat mortgage deals for our customers, providing answers to any questions and a 24/7/365 phone line, offering our clients the level of flexibility and exceptional customer service required in these circumstances. We don’t operate with a call centre, as we prefer to provide our customers with a more personalised service, where you will be allocated your own dedicated Mortgage Advisor to source your mortgage deal and also a dedicated Case Manager to see the application through to completion and to guide you through the full process, from initial contact through to property purchase completion.

Innovative WiiN Portal provides real-time updates

One of the areas that can slow down the processing time of any type of mortgage application is communicating updates and obtaining information. This is particularly difficult if you are living outside of the UK in a different time zone, so our unique WiiN portal offers the ideal solution to keep the communications flowing and real-time updates are available whenever our customers have the time to read them, 24/7.
The online portal enables expat mortgage and overseas applicants to see what stage their application is up to, at any time of day. Where additional information is required, or there is an outstanding task, email alerts are sent to ensure nothing holds the process up unnecessarily.

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