We provide expert mortgage advice and access to exclusive residential mortgage deals for Expats & Foreign Nationals wishing to buy a property to live in the UK. It is usually very difficult for Expats & Foreign Nationals get a standard mortgage in the UK, particularly if they do not have any recent UK credit history.


At Expat Mortgages UK, we are able to cut through the red tape so that you can purchase a home to settle in the UK. Many of the High Street & standard mortgage lenders will decline a residential mortgage application for an Expat based on lack of credit history, or their salary being paid in foreign currency but we understand all of the hurdles that are needed to be overcome to get your home in the UK. Our team of Specialist Expat Mortgage Advisors have a wealth of experience in arranging residential mortgages for expats living outside of the UK looking to purchase a residential property in the UK.

Expat Mortgages UK have been working in this sector for many years, so we know all about the challenges of working across different time zones, different tax requirements and cross-jurisdictional legal responsibilities. Standard lenders will usually decline to offer mortgages to expats as they determine them to be a high risk to lend money to.

However, we have a network of specialist mortgage lenders who provide residential mortgages to expats living all around the world. For standard residential mortgages, high street lenders will have strict lending criteria, usually  including that the applicant lives in the UK. So, when you start looking for a mortgage if you want to buy a house to live in to return to the UK, or to live in for part of the year, you may find that most lenders will refuse your application unless you use a specialist expat residential mortgage lender.

Finding the best deals for Residential Expat mortgages

We can find you the most competitive Expat residential mortgage deals to help you to ensure that you are not paying over-the-odds for your mortgage. Over the term of your mortgage, even a slight difference in interest rate between two mortgages will result in a very significant additional cost to you, so we prioritise finding the deal that will work out financially better over the length of term you require.

We have a large network of mortgage lenders that we have worked with for years and we understand their lending criteria and the way that they work, which means we can quickly identify which lender is the best one for your specific requirements. Every expat residential mortgage lender is different, offering different terms, rates and lending amounts, so we use our in-depth knowledge about the Expat residential mortgage market so we can find you the right deal out of the thousands that are out there.

Our knowledge of the residential Expat mortgage market can also really speed up the process of finding a lender, submitting the application and working through all of the key milestones of getting a mortgage approved and property bought. We can advise you of all of the documentation that the lender will want to see, so that the application process is not delayed by you acquiring the required documents, which can significantly hold up an expat residential mortgage application.

Our residential Expat Mortgages are available for:

  • Foreign Nationals
  • British Expats
  • First time buyers
  • Applicants with incomes from non-UK countries
  • Where the applicant has no credit history in the UK
  • Applicants that are currently living overseas

Foreign Nationals

If you are a foreign national looking to buy a residential property to live in the UK, we can help you to find a mortgage lender to help you to settle in the UK. Typically, it is very difficult for foreign nationals to get a mortgage in the UK as they won’t usually have any UK credit history. Residency status can also have an impact on whether a lender will be prepared to provide a mortgage to a foreign national. At Expat Mortgages UK we can find lenders that do approve applications to foreign nationals and we can find the best one for your circumstances.

British Expats

British expats who have moved abroad will often find it difficult to buy a home in the UK, as many high street banks will only lend to current UK residents. Expats also do not tend to have any recent UK credit history, which is another factor that can determine whether a lender will approve a mortgage for expats buying property in the UK. Using our large network of expat mortgage lenders, we can help to get you the best deal on the market to suit your requirements.

First time buyers

Getting on the property ladder for the first time is difficult in standard circumstances but as an expat or foreign national, it can be much harder, with stricter lending criteria in place. Even if you have never owned a property before, at Expat Mortgages UK we can work with lenders who will approve mortgages for expats and foreign nationals who are first time buyers.

Applicants with income from non-UK countries

If you are paid with a foreign currency, this can also make it more difficult to obtain a residential mortgage in the UK. Most standard lenders will only accept applications from people paid in the UK with pounds sterling. Complications such as the currency exchange makes it harder for a lender to accurately calculate affordability and other foreign currency factors put lenders off. At Expat Mortgages UK we regularly work with lenders who accept applicants that have overseas income.

Where the applicant has no credit history in the UK

One of the main elements of lending criteria for most mortgage lenders is credit history in the UK and applicants without this are rated as high-risk lenders. Therefore, a large number of UK mortgage lenders will decline mortgage applications for applicants who have no or little UK credit history. Using a specialist Expat mortgage broker such as Expat Mortgages UK is the best way to find the lenders that will be happy to lend to residential mortgage applicants with no credit history in the UK.

Applicants that are currently living overseas

If you are living outside of the UK and applying for a mortgage to buy a residential property in the UK, most high street lenders will not be willing to lend to you, as their lending criteria is specifically for UK residents only. However, you should still be able to arrange a mortgage through a specialist mortgage broker such as Expat Mortgages UK, who work with a wide range of lenders to provide mortgages to applicants living overseas. Mortgage applications will often require applicants to attend face to face meetings or to physically sign documents, but other processes are available for applicants that are currently living overseas to arrange a mortgage without the need to be in the UK at the time.

Benefits of using a specialist Expat Mortgage Broker

Using a specialist mortgage broker for these types of mortgage application gives you a number of benefits, including:

  • Breaking down complex requirements to complete the application.
  • Support in working across different time zones and the problems that presents.
  • Working across different languages through fluent mortgage experts.
  • Help in understanding the exact types of documentation that is required.
  • A mortgage broker will liaise with solicitors on your behalf.
  • A mortgage broker can take care of many of the time consuming administration of your mortgage application, such as booking valuations.

Speak to our Expat and Foreign Nationals Mortgage Team

If any of the above circumstances apply to you, then before you try applying through a standard lender, it is recommended that you speak to a specialist Expat and foreign national mortgage lender. If you apply for a mortgage and get it declined, this will show up on your credit file and can make it even harder to obtain a mortgage, both now and in the future.

So, before you risk getting a declined mortgage application, contact our team of expat and foreign national mortgage experts to discuss your situation. We will take all of your details into account including income, property value, income currency, credit history availability and all of the other relevant information to assess which lender and which deal will work out best for you.

We work with Expats and foreign nationals every day to help them to secure a mortgage loan in the UK to allow them to buy property, even when other lenders have refused their application. Our understanding of this niche mortgage market allows us to recommend the deal that will work out financially best for you, as well as finding lenders that will approve the application based on your specific situation.

To get started, we just need to have a chat about your mortgage requirements and your details such as employment, income, how long you have been living abroad, whether you have any adverse credit and some other key information.

Once we have collated the information we need, we will get started straight away to find the most appropriate mortgage lenders based on the information you provide to us.

If you are happy to proceed with the application, we will then start the next steps and will provide advice and guidance throughout your expat residential mortgage application. We will also explain all of the evidence and documentation that will be requested from the lender so that you can get this ready in preparation and speed up the mortgage application process.

If you would like to discuss your Residential mortgage plans, Expat Mortgages UK are happy to get started on finding you the best Expat Residential mortgage deal on the market.

Call our team of experts today on +44 1494 622 555 and we will gather all of the information we need and start analysing the Expat residential market to find the most suitable mortgage available.

Alternatively send us a message via our secure web form by Clicking Here and one of our Specialist Mortgage Advisors will call you back to swiftly to discuss your exact requirements and provide you with a free quotation.