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The Client:  

Our clients had been living oversees for several years. They owned a portfolio of Buy to Let properties in the UK. The Husband was employed with an international company and the Wife was predominately a housewife. Due to family ties back in the UK wife and the children were looking to move back with husband following when possible.    


We needed to look for a lender who would accept anticipated income for the wife as she had secured a job for when she returned to the UK. The husband was still in a probation period within his new role which is a stumbling block for some lenders, even though he was working in the same field as he had done for many years. We would also require a lender who would look at the rental income received from their property portfolio in order to satisfy affordability criteria. 

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The Solution:   

As whole of market mortgage broker we were able to approach lenders and explain the clients’ scenario before placing a full application. We also had a time constraint as the seller was threatening to pull out of the deal if an offer was not produced in good time. We found a lender who was happy with the clients’ profile and were able to secure the offer so as the clients could come home to be with family here. 


Securing a residential in the UK when one of the parties is planning on staying abroad can cause concerns for lenders. As a whole of market mortgage broker and using our Advisors’ expertise we have the ability to search the market to find a suitable lender to help our clients when they have exhausted all other avenues. 

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