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The Client:

The clients were husband and wife. The husband was the sole earner, and on a very good income. The difficulty arose with the currency he was paid in – Saudi Dirhams, as he was working for a Saudi company.

The Scenario:

The clients had saved a good deposit and had a very low credit card use, along with no bad credit or dependants. The main credit they had was a large car loan which had recently been arranged. The issue we were facing was that lenders who accept foreign income sometimes take a haircut (reduce affordability) to account for any potential future fluctuation in the currency exchange rate.

The Solution:

Being a whole-of-market Mortgage Broker, we have the knowledge to know that some lenders will accept foreign income for UK based residents to purchase a residential property in the UK. We approached these lenders to make sure we could cross reference the best deal with the lender that accepts the specific currency in question. They were happy with the case, and the affordability worked easily.

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It is possible to use sole income that is earned through a company outside of the UK, in a foreign currency.

Key things to consider for foreign income:

  • Some lenders will accept foreign currency, it can vary lender to lender which currency they will accept.
  • Some lenders will apply a haircut to the amount to account for future changes.
  • Some lenders will allow you to live in the UK, but work for a foreign company.

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